Beauty of Russian women. The Vision of the photographer.
Beauty of Russian women. The Vision of the photographer.
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Beautiful naked girls and fine nude women from Russia that you will see this that on mine free galleries. I am going to publish in this page my works by which I did after arrival to Moscow. I have aspiration to do nude photos of beautiful women, of beautiful models familiar and others, with which I shall have an opportunity to make shooting and to publish in my site. I hope that our Russian girls and my galleries will like you. In fact the beauty of women that has created this best the nature, whether not so?
I do not know as there will be my destiny, but there is an assumption that sooner or later I shall return to Moldova therefore the life in Moscow is very complex, and it is already difficult to me to get accustomed here. Because of difficult conditions and because of that that I am not at home I do not enough photographing here. Has put at all in earning money, and simply it would be desirable to do beautiful photos of women and girls while there are for this purpose forces. As I have enough experience and those a little sets which I have made here, I have sold all of them. In fact beautiful women are everywhere. And to photograph them it is art, having naked their body, having shown their sexuality, sensuality and charm it already is my problem. As is known in the woman two desires struggle: to put on and undress. And so, I observed in my studio as the second desire got the best of the first desire. Believe to me, it much more interestingly than to work with beautiful but professional model for which this all is already habitual.
However this theme should be developed in section about my old works. And today I should deal with models, to search for them, to pay in it... Earlier all was on the contrary :)
But now there is other charm: now I choose and at me more freedom for creativity. Now the problem is to make work sexually, beautifully and it is desirable artly. Also pleases that that now it is necessary to deal with the beautiful girl, and to choose it is necessary beautiful, sexual. Earlier I had to deal with that that paid to me of money (very small by the way).
Here by the way recently has received the letter from the young Moscow woman. It has found me on my first site in which I for a long time am not engaged. She asks to make to it a portfolio. I have asked her to send any photo. What for? That is why that if it has not liked me, I would not began to photograph it. And earlier I did it.
OK, I wish you pleasant viewing of mine free galleries and also that you liked sites of my partners. In fact owing to them I can develop the site and do new shooting with naked beautiful Russian girls which to you like.
Yours, Stanislav
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Natalia Garanina,
model from Moscow



Xenia Kuznetsova, actress of cinema, Moscow



Anna Marantseva,
model from Moscow



Anna Marantseva,
last shooting for DOMAI

Some from the sold works. Eolake Stobblehouse has kindly resolved to me the publication on PONITA


from Moscow


Anna from Moscow

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