Beauty of Russian women. The Vision of the photographer.
Beauty of Russian women. The Vision of the photographer.
  My old photos  

I have brought from Kishinev recently my old films. I shall scan and publish here more interesting works. Unfortunately the best have been sold, presented by me to girls, or even are thrown simply out. It is especially a pity, because early photos in studio were not saved. In them was more sincerity and novelty. It was very beautiful exposure because girls were young, many have arrived from a province and to be naked before the photographer for them was unusual business. To work with them it was more difficult, but there was that of that is not present at professional models with which I work today. Nude women and girls which are ashamed of the exposure are more attractive, they have more charm and sexuality. I think you with me agree.
Yours, Stanislav
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Lilia came in my photographic studio three times to do a portfolio to try to work in a striptease of show in Switzerland. But first two times it has failed.

Sexy the girl from Kishinev Faina by which I did a portfolio was really very nice and attractive. Probably I not so have well represented it in my pictures. It always so happens, when the photographer likes the girl more usual.


I think that Bella there was a girl which inexperienced sex still. Her sight was shy, but has noticed any interest to me nevertheless. Certainly I only now understand, that could have sex with many these girls who lived not in capital, and came to city to arrange the destiny.

Here such there was at me in studio a girl from Moldova with big tits, with expressive eyes. And how many still such fine nice girls to Russia and the CIS! Dosia has gone to Switzerland for work about a peep-show to show her beautiful tits to the Swiss men.

I was familiar a little with Masha. She very much likes to be photographed and it is very pleasant to work in a photographic studio with her. When she has come on shooting to studio, I have not learned her, so she has changed. In her hairdress and in her eyes there was so much a charm what to make bad photos it was simply impossible.

Elena has very pleasant teen breast. If to speak fairly, Her young nipples were ridiculous and amusing. Elena is not from Kishinev even, she has arrived from village probably or small city. I have got acquainted with her casually. I had not enough work and few money during that moment.

It was very interesting to me to make nude photo young girls. Elena was such young girl who has a natural naturalness, but still there is no present sexuality. We have happened with her and she has come to me because she had simply nothing to engage. be engaged and sex. To her was all the same, it seems to me.
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